PVD deposition machines are aluminum coating on the metal/plastic/creamic by thermal evaporation method for verity of application includes industrial , automobiles , decorative and surface treatment coating ornaments

PVD systems are available in Different capacities with most advance capabilities fully automated single button click type to compete continuous production capabilities . and lab scale with manual operation controls for low cost .

We offer recondition and servicing PVD system includes Chamber replace , pumping replacement. cleaning , leak testing , pipe lines and up gradation control instrumentation.


  • Job Loading Rotary fixture : 1 Dia 550 mm X 1500 Height .
  • Coating area: 5. m²
  • Cycle time: 7–8 min
  • Compact frame skid mounted design
  • Single Vertical chamber with two doors
  • Highly Advanced controllers with easy user interface
  • Automated process control
  • SCADA for quality control
  • Process as per customer request and optimization
  • Plasma polymerization technology
  • Single bar type plasma electrode
  • Monomer tank for HMDSO with temperature stabilization system
  • Standard gas purging system with MFC

Coating Process:

  • Glow discharge/plasma etching
  • PECVD base coat/top coat (HMDSO)
  • Thermal evaporation

Application Includes:

  • Automotive
  • Lighting
  • Cosmetics
  • Fashion
  • Furniture
  • Decoration