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Vacuum Ovens

A vacuum drying oven is most often used for delicate drying processes, such as drying tiny parts or removing flammable solvents. The low-pressure environment also minimizes oxidation during drying.

ATS vacuum ovens offer high quality, compact, yet versatile vacuum ovens at economical prices. With temperature capabilities ranging from ambient to 400°C, and incorporating any degree of vacuum environment from atmosphere to 1X10(-6) mbar temperature uniformity (+/-) 10 C.

Vacuum ovens have a chamber that is a Hot Wall (upto 250 deg C) design, and Tray heated designs(upto 400 deg C) which allows full utilization of the inside of the vacuum chamber, maximizing the load capacity, high temperature insulation with reflective shield surrounding its heater bank, the vacuum ovens maintain a stable processing temperature inside the chamber at all times. Vacuum ovens offer standard inert gas fill and vent valves allowing for various types of part processing using a gas back-fill environment. With the standard touch screen PLC the operation of the system is fully automated with data logging of the process parameters.

Vacuum ovens are used within the pharmaceutical, food, electronics devices, medical devices & aerospace industries—ATS vacuum ovens product profile offers a variety of models to accommodate applications such as:

  • Removal Moisture from food (dairy products).
  • Removal Moisture from Moisture sensitive electronics products.
  • Vacuum drying processes to prevent oxidation & removal of moisture residue.
  • Defining of heating profiles with temperature ramping control under vacuum.
  • Storage of oxygen sensitive material in the presence of inert gas, e.g. nitrogen.
  • Solvent, epoxy and essential oil removal.

Standard Sizes with Specifications :

Model VO-30 VO-50 Vo-150 Vo-300
Working Temperature Upto 200°C (Jacket-heated) Upto 400°C (Self Heated)
Temperature Uniformity ±5(Jacket-heated), ±10 (Self Heated)
Capacity (Liters) 30 50 150 300
Chamber DIM.(mm) 325xD310xH315 W380xD365xH390 W625xD510xH500 W625xD510xH1000
Vacuum 0.01 mbar
Chamber MOC SS 304( Polished inner surface)
Temperature Control PID control, digital display
Accessory 2 Shelves 4 Shelves
Timers / Programmability Various On/Off timers and programmable controls for temperature ramping
Power supply 220V 50/ Hz


ATS manufacture, refurbish, and install the most advanced autoclaves for a wide variety of industries and applications. Autoclaves vessels design as per ASME Boiler and Pressure vessel code with Code Stamped by ASME authorized inspector. Safety is the top most priority. Autoclaves are built taking into consideration and conformance to ASME safety system and norms.

ATS manufacture autoclaves for aerospace composites parts , composite racing automobiles , high performance sports equipment and ballistic armors . Composite curing inside the autoclaves is done for heat , pressure and vacuum at the same time providing precision control over the process for the following applications :

  • Glass lamination
  • Medical waste
  • Composite/aerospace
  • Wood treatment
  • Rubber vulcanizing

Standard Sizes with Specifications :

Model AC-1 X 2 AC-2 X 4 AC-3 X 5
Working Temperature Upto 220°C
Temperature Uniformity ±3Deg C
Work Volume Dia/ Length (mm) 300/600 600/1200 900/1500
Operating pressure 6 - 10 bar
Vacuum and No of Lines 1- 0.1 mbar, 2 vacuum line with resin traps
Chamber MOC SA 516 G70
Insulation Ceramic Fibre
Temperature Control PID control, digital display
Pressure Vessel ASME or PED
Thermocouples J or K type
Primary power with Full load current 415V / 3PH / 50Hz 25Amp 45Amp 85Amp

Medical Waste Incinerators

ATS design and manufacture Bio-medical Waste (Incinerator Medical waste) incinerators. These usually operate at higher temperatures (900 to 1200°C). The most popular medical waste incineration technology is controlled air incineration. The incinerator comprises air pollution control equipment that cleans the gaseous matter before releasing them into the atmosphere.

We have a wide range of incinerators and spares (also from other manufacturers) for Medical Waste (BMW), Industrial/Hazardous Waste, Solid Waste, Liquid Waste, and Refinery Waste management, also with different types of air pollution control systems as per guidelines by Central Pollution Control Board.