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Why opt for ATS Vacuum Pump Servicing Plan?

Maximise efficiencies, minimise downtime, and extend equipment lifespan with our range of vacuum pump services, repairs, pumps and more.

Benefit from on-site vacuum pump servicing and repairs, as well as refurbishments and major pump services.

We also sell all spares required to ensure optimum performance, operational security and warranty compliance.

Our servicing is competitively priced and can be delivered as part of a routine Service Care agreement with fixed rates up to 3 years and flexible payment plans. With the option of new, refurbished pumps, every customer can choose the right solutions for their site and budget, maximising convenience, improving affordability and helping you to keep your operations running.

Total peace of mind

Maintaining process control Autoclaves & Ovens can keep your plant operating efficiently and find and fix problems before they cause breakdowns.

Flexible service intervals

We can maintain your equipment at its optimum performance whatever the intensity of your plant, usage, or the volatility of the process itself. This is thanks to our experience with many of the different industrial processes that use autoclaves, ovens and other process equipment for controlling pressure, temperature and vacuum.

Fixed price servicing

We can offer fixed price servicing, complete with spares, over a 1-to-5-year contract period. This gives you the peace of mind that your plant is being looked after as well as your budget.

‘One Stop’ service

To complement our service offering we can call on tried and tested suppliers to arrange for the maintenance of a wide range of ancillary components, such as compressors, vacuum pumps, heating and cooling systems. This can be coordinated with our servicing programme for your equipment, so you need only deal with one supplier to look after all aspects of your plant.

Routine Pump Servicing Plans

Our routine pump servicing plans are tailored to meet individual requirements. You can select the frequency of maintenance, visits and level of service. We will then prepare a schedule of checks and assessments designed to keep your pump in perfect working order.

At the end of every service visit we will carry out performance checks to ensure the equipment is operating to manufacturer’s standards. All works, including vacuum and power readings will be documented and you will be given detailed records of maintenance tasks completed, so you can see, at a glance, what has been done and what will be covered at the next visit. These records enable us to build up a unique history for each of your pumps, allowing us to monitor it’s condition and performance.

Comprehensive range of high-quality spares

Our engineers can carry out a full technical oil process analysis of your plant providing early warnings of any potential problems and minimising the risk of damage and unplanned downtime.

Pumps oil analysis- as part of our service plans we offer special pricing agreements on lubricants, this is available on all the lubricants used at your site, ensuring all your equipment, not just your pumps, run efficiently.

Filtration-We can supply and service a wide range of oil mist eliminators from oil sealed pumps to inlet vacuum filters and from deep vacuum pumps including flange, NPT and ISO flange.

Pump spares-We stock a comprehensive range of quality, spares ensuring that maintenance and repairs are completed as quickly and painlessly as possible. Depending upon which service plan you choose some spares are included.